About WineAlign/ChacunSonVin

WineAlign/ChacunSonVin is the ultimate service for making informed buying decisions at your local government wine store. Use it before you shop from your home or office computer, or standing right in the store aisle with your mobile device. It aligns current store inventory, professional critical ratings and reviews, your budget, your food choices, your taste preferences and those of your friends. It is also a practical site, providing valuable tools to manage your own cellar and inventory and build your own personal rating system. And it is a social site allowing you to share information and discuss wine recommendations with friends and associates.

Over and over again we hear about people buying wine by snatch and grab, by label design or by some vague notion that a certain grape or region is supposed to be good. Many purchasers readily admit that they buy wine by chance “without having a clue”. The complex system of releasing new wines, especially the more expensive, smaller quantity wines, makes selection decisions even more difficult. Many wines are here today, gone tomorrow, sometimes within hours if the local wine media has raved about it. WineAlign quickly and efficiently allows you to narrow your options to the most highly rated wines within your budget, that are currently sitting on the shelf at your local store. The service even provides you with the ability to preview upcoming releases a few days before they hit the shelf.

WineAlign/ChacunSonVin was designed by wine consumers, - not wine sellers - who want logical, practical and objective wine buying advice. The service aggregates ratings from a growing portfolio of top Canadian wine critics who taste thousands of wines a year and have an objective frame of reference for rating quality and the journalistic ability to effectively communicate the style, character and background of the wine. But your opinion, and those of your friends, matter as well, so we you to build your personal review and rating system.

Leveraging the latest technology, WineAlign/ChacunSonVin is simply the best tool for making informed wine buying decisions. We invite you to explore the many benefits of WineAlign/ChacunSonVin, saving money by making more informed wine purchases and consistently bringing great wine experiences to your table, and to those of your friends.